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Closure Update

YOUR Humane Society SPCA in Lake Panasoffkee, Sumter County, has closed to the public as of the close of business on Thursday, April 2, to enable us to take additional safety measures for our staff, volunteers and the general public in accordance with Florida Governor DeSantis’ statewide stay-at-home order.

· The temporary closure has us suspending our adoptions until further notice. Interested adopters can still review the pet profiles on our website and submit applications. Applications will be processed in the normal manner and prospective adopters will be notified if their application has been approved. However, the decision as to which home any particular animal will go to will be deferred until we reopen. At that time meet and greets will also resume.

· Our “Kibbles” free pet food pantry will continue on Saturdays from 10AM-2PM but only by appointment for approved recipients who must call us (352-793-9117) upon their arrival at our closed gates and remain in their vehicle while we bring their allotted pet food for them. Once our staff member is back behind our gate, they may retrieve it to place in their vehicle. Only one recipient will be assisted at a time. As always, and as donations are dwindling, we cannot assure that any specific brand/type of pet food will be received.

. Our “Big Fix” Spay/Neuter Voucher program will continue but all paperwork necessary will now be done online. Please contact our office directly for details.

· We will accept in-kind donations by appointment only, with no-contact protocols similar to the above being followed.

· Animal intake will be determined on a case-by-case basis as adoptions are suspended and space is very limited. Pet owners who are considering surrendering their pets at this critical time, are asked to reach out to us or other agencies for options and to not wait until the last minute. We urge people who have lost/found pets to use our new resource to reunite lost pets with their owners and post them on area social media pages. Additionally, we ask our community to demonstrate a gesture of kindness and temporarily care for the animal until the state of emergency status changes. We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to help in any way possible in such times. We all need to practice the utmost kindness in these trying times.

During the closure, our essential staff and a very limited number of volunteers will continue to provide high quality care to the animals remaining at our shelter. Many of our animals are already in dedicated foster homes which frees up our team’s time to provide routine care, exercise and socialization that will benefit the dogs and cats that remain on our campus until they can meet interested adopters once again.

Our funds are impacted during this uncertain time and we ask for YOUR financial support now more than ever. To help us continue to help the animals, please donate what you can at: Every contribution is appreciated.

We wish you all good health and thank you for your cooperation. Thank you for your understanding in this time of unprecedented events. We are all in this together doing our best and we will prevail.

YOUR Humane Society SPCA
YOUR Humane Society SPCA is a 501(c)3 non-profit, no-kill organization helping animals in need throughout their community as Sumter County’s oldest and largest no-kill shelter. Donations directly help to cover the cost of saving, treating and caring for neglected, abused and abandoned animals. Learn more about them at, 352-793-9117, on Facebook or visit them at 994 CR 529A, in Lake Panasoffkee, FL. Office open: Mon.-Sat. 8am-4:00pm. Kennel Pet Viewing: Mon.-Sat. 9:00am-3:30pm. Due to COVID-19 concerns, their shelter is closed as of April 3rd until further notice for adoptions & S/N vouchers. Our pet food pantry will remain open to approved recipients on Saturdays from 10AM-2PM but by appointment only. Call their office for more details.


March Muttness

OH HOW CLOSE WE CAME to moving up to the National Championship of March Muttness! Our last donation in the Furry Four Round came in just 43 SECONDS after 11PM EDT buzzer! 🤩🤩

But OH HOW MUCH LOVE WE WERE SHOWN from our awesome community! We thank you all so much! In total from our Warm-up Round, Excellent Eight Round and the Furry Four Semi-final Round, we will receive approx. $9,000 to help our shelter through this especially challenging time.

So congratulations to Paws Humane Society and Seattle Humane who advance to the Finals! Thank you also to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona for their creativity and effort to hep animals nationwide by hosting this fundraiser. This was SUCH FUN and we look forward to the next project on our calendar coming soon! So stayed tuned!📣📣

Stay well & KEEP BEING KIND!🐾❤️❤️

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YOUR Humane Society SPCA & Public Safety During the COVID-19 Crisis


YOUR Humane Society SPCA team is working hard to keep our community, themselves and the animals healthy while accomplishing our mission of protecting animals through our care, adoptions and public assistance programs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our special events and gatherings are re-scheduled or cancelled since protecting our community is the priority. We must all take a proactive effort to lessen the negative impacts of this virus across our community and we are following the guidelines provided by the CDC and Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida. In an effort to better manage the public attendance at our shelter and protect staff, volunteers and visitors, we are temporarily limiting shelter visitors. Adoptions and owner and stray surrenders will be by appointment only. Volunteers are welcome to come walk the dogs, care for the cats, etc. but we would like them to schedule their visits in advance to allow us to better manage the number of people on campus. Our “Kibbles” Pet Food Pantry will continue to operate as normal on Saturdays. While we remain open to the public, we strongly encourage our shelter visitors to utilize our many hand-washing stations and hand sanitizers during their visit to minimize potential risks. Our high contact areas are disinfected daily with hospital grade disinfectant. We are asking employees, volunteers and potential visitors who are sick to stay home. We all must do our part to protect each other too, not just the animals in need.

We have provided some tips and resources from the CDC, WHO and World Organisation for Animal Health:

* CDC: Also, according to the CDC, no animals in the US have been identified with the COVID-19 virus. The CDC recommends that people who are sick with COVID-19 restrict their contact with pets and other animals, just like you would restrict your contact with other people.

* The World Health Organization (WHO) has determined the spread of Coronavirus to and from pets is not a risk and there have been no reported cases of transmission of the disease from pets to humans or vice versa. DO NOT abandon your pets due to this virus. According to the World Organisation for Animal Health, there is “no evidence that companion animals can spread the disease”. The current spread of COVID-19 is a result of human to human transmission – so socially distance yourself from people (if possible), not your pets!⁠

⁠          * Take this time to have your disaster plan in place just as we always advise before hurricane season begins. Stock-up (not hoard) pet supplies including non-perishable food items, clean water, prescription meds, a crate and first aid supplies. Have current I.D. on your pet’s collar and via your microchip company. Have a plan with a designated pet caregiver should something happen to you. Visit for more info. We also suggest taking this time while home more to provide your pets a refresher in basic obedience, minimize their physical contact with the public and go on private walks rather than using a public dog park. Bathe and brush them, and keep their belongings clean and disinfected.

Below is a calendar list of our events affected by the COVID-19 concerns. We will provide more updates as we monitor the status of COVID-19 and recommended guidelines.

March 20, 2020 Dog Adoption Day at the Villages Mulberry Grove Rec. Center: Cancelled. The Villages Recreation Dept. will evaluate subsequent months and notify us.

March 28, 2020 Pet Expo hosted by the Cat Crazy Villagers Club: Cancelled

April 4, 2020 Volunteer Orientation at our shelter: Cancelled. Enrolled applicants will be contacted to reschedule.

April 18, 2020 Furry Fun Fest 2020 at the Vlgs. Polo Club is suspended until further notice.

When our fundraisers and adoption events are cancelled, it definitely affects how many animals can receive help. We do ask that our community not forget that we are still providing our shelter’s animals care through this challenging public health crisis. Our shelter’s work must continue, as we cannot stop caring for the animals entrusted to us. We also may become temporarily low on devoted volunteers due to their own health concerns and this will put a strain on serving the many animals in our care. We ask that if you are not in a risk category and want to help, this is the time to step up and please make a difference! After all, there are more animals than people at our shelter! You can show YOUR support in many ways:

– A secure (and non-contagious) online donation at to help us get through this ordeal a bit more easily. We are also working on some online FUNdraisers, so stay tuned!

– Submit your volunteer application from

– Fostering an animal can also be a wonderful way to cope with social distancing from people and reap the benefits of an appreciative furry friend in need! Learn that fostering saves lives at:

We have no doubt that our strong show of community will prevail as we work in unity through this ordeal. We thank you for your continued support as we all navigate this challenge together helping each other and the animals. Remember to BE KIND to each other too.

Stay safe & healthy!

YOUR Humane Society SPCA   

Ziggy's Delayed, but Nonetheless, Happy Adoption Update!

(Posted 3/3/2020)

We’ve been so busy through the holidays and special events that we are playing catch up with sharing some great news. YOUR Humane Society SPCA is always happy whenever any of our animals find their forever family. But on occasion, one animal touches a special place in us all, and recently a little fellow named Ziggy stole our hearts big time!

Ziggy, a frail senior Australian Terrier mix, came to us disheveled, weak and underweight, in the Fall of 2019 through Animal Services. He was estimated to be at least ten years old. No one knew his life history, let alone his favorite toys or foods to give him comfort, and we discovered he had plenty of aches and pains from arthritis.

Under our care, Ziggy gradually regained strength, perked up and began to enjoy his social outings when we took him to adoption events. He mingled with the many other great dogs of all sizes and ages, and enthusiastically mustered up extra pep just to be noticed in the crowd. We had the highest hopes for Ziggy to connect with someone who would be open to adopting a senior pet, as quite often they are overlooked and it takes longer to find that wonderful match.

We were excited when he found a lovely adopter whose joy is adopting senior pets, but Ziggy stunned us all when he faced a major health crisis which had been slowly brewing, unknown to any of us. A kidney stone was forming, and on the first day in his new adopter’s home, his fever and infection surfaced, and we rushed him to emergency care within 24 hours.

Ziggy’s well-intended adopter decided she could not take him on with his medical issues at this time in her life, but we thank her for her efforts and the love she showed him during his medical crisis. Fortunately, Ziggy steadily improved thanks to his medical team and returned to his spunky self as everyone at our shelter helped care for him and cheered him on. Ziggy was like a sponge, soaking up all the love and healing energy. Soon, he returned to adoption events and began to mingle and charm interested adopters once again.

As the holidays approached, YOUR Humane Society SPCA held a “Home for the Holidays” fostering event, looking for people who could take in dogs and cats for a few days to allow the shelter pets some time in a home environment. That’s when a magical moment happened. Two gentlemen arrived at the shelter and decided to foster Ziggy from Christmas through New Year’s Day. By the second day, they decided the little chap was a perfect fit and would have a fur-ever home.

Ziggy was our first senior pet of the New Year to be adopted. His new siblings have grown up in the household and have reached middle-age to senior status. Nevertheless, Ziggy claimed the couch the first night home. None of the others seemed to mind, though, and all get along great. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 13 year-old Amber, and 11 year-old Bridgette, a French Bulldog, are good pals, but 7 year-old Andy, an 85-pound Lab mix, has become Ziggy’s best friend. It seems Ziggy, though small in stature, is the ideal match for everyone in his new home. He eats voraciously, has gained weight, and “helps out” by taking daily golf cart rides to pick up the mail. He loves snuggling with his chosen human, Ralph, and rests blissfully knowing he is safe, loved and all his future needs will be met.

The team of staff and volunteers at YOUR Humane Society SPCA couldn’t be any happier for sweet Ziggy, as we always thought he was a ray of sunshine. Adopting a senior pet can have some unique needs but it also provides unique joy that can only come from the beauty of a senior pet. Enjoy your life Ziggy knowing you are loved by so many!

YOUR Humane Society SPCA Celebrated Valentine’s Reunion of a Chihuahua Lost For Six Years

(Posted 3/2/2020)

In 2013, 2 month old Chihuahua pup, Alex, found his forever home with the Stone family in Naples, Florida. Life was great with his very own two boys and a big dog brother Thunder until his dog bro moved away with Grandma. Alex was distraught and dug out of his fenced yard likely in search of Thunder. Alex’s heartbroken family searched and searched on their own too, but the weeks turned into months, which led to years, and they heard nothing. They never forgot Alex as he remained in their hearts.

Just this past Valentine’s holiday, 6 years later, a Good Samaritan in Sumter County, Florida (225+ miles away) found this little bedraggled dog and brought him to YOUR Humane Society SPCA, Sumter’s oldest and largest no-kill shelter serving their community for 38 years.

The shelter’s team scanned the dog for a microchip, and suddenly this lost pup had a name – Alex – and Alex had a family! The reunion took place on Valentine’s weekend and what a reunion it was! The anxious family was concerned that their then puppy would not remember them now but Alex could not contain his sheer joy of seeing them again. They all stood hugging a giddy pup who regained his identity and his long lost family. The family cried, the shelter staff and volunteers cried, this story-writer cried, all while Alex wriggled in sheer delight. Later, Alex had more good fortune as he was also reunited with his best bud Thunder! There is nothing more touching than finding your long-lost love. YOUR Humane Society SPCA was so pleased to make another wonderful reunion happen!

If only Alex could tell us where he has been and what happened to him during those six long years he was missing, but one thing is for sure…microchips work! YOUR Humane Society SPCA encourages pet owners to never give up hope if separated from their pets. However, reunions can happen more often thanks to the owners registering their pet’s microchip and keeping their contact info up to date. A microchip can be that one simple key factor to get your pet returned to you should something disastrous occur. Learn more about YOUR Humane Society SPCA at and help make a difference! Story:


Partnering with Finding Rover using revolutionary technology to identify lost pets in Sumter County, Florida

YOUR Humane Society SPCA is very excited to announce their brand new partnership with Finding Rover! Celine Petrie, Acting Director of Sumter’s no-kill shelter commented “This is one more way we strive to keep your pets safe. In addition to the current resources we provide our community such as our free emergency wallet cards, our disaster prep handouts and our pet alert window clings, we wanted to add another important component to a pet owner’s toolkit with Finding Rover, an amazing application of facial recognition technology for pets.”

Finding Rover is a FREE service that uses patented Facial Recognition technology to help reunite lost dogs and cats with their families! As a partner, the community can now see if their lost pet is in the shelter’s care with just a few clicks. Additionally, people looking to adopt can see the dogs and cats that are available at YOUR Humane Society SPCA.

Every dog and cat that leaves YOUR Humane Society SPCA, through a reunion or an adoption, can remain protected on Finding Rover when the pet parent registers on Finding Rover with the same email address that the shelter has on file. If that dog or cat ever gets lost, their record will already be in the system, and identifying that pet will be a snap.

We highly encourage everyone to register with a personal Finding Rover account by going to It just takes a minute to help bring your pet home faster in the event they are unexpectedly separated from you! Don’t wait until you lost your pet.

  1. Enter your name, email address, and zip code
  2. Upload a face-forward photo of your pet
  3. Enter a few main details about your pet

It’s that simple and completely FREE!

Join YOUR Humane Society SPCA and get connected to the Finding Rover community by registering TODAY!

YOUR Humane Society SPCA is a 501(c)3 non-profit, no-kill organization helping animals in need throughout their community as Sumter County’s oldest and largest no-kill shelter. Donations directly help to cover the cost of saving, treating and caring for neglected, abused and abandoned animals. Learn more about them at, 352-793-9117, on Facebook or visit them at 994 CR 529A, in Lake Panasoffkee, FL. Office open: Mon.-Sat. 8am-4:00pm. Kennel Pet Viewing: Mon.-Sat. 9:00am-3:30pm. Due to COVID-19 concerns, visitors are required to make an appointment to visit the shelter until further notice. 

April's Volunteer of the Month, Shannon Kelleigh

YOUR Humane Society SPCA would not be able to save so many animals’ lives in our community without our volunteers. During this COVID-19 crisis, they are still demonstrating their devotion. Many are still able to help walk dogs and care for the cats at our shelter, many opened their homes by fostering cats, kittens, dogs and puppies and some are working from home planning special online activities or donating to them since all our adoption and fundraising events in March and April have been cancelled. One special volunteer who has been at so many fundraising and adoption events this past year is Shannon Kelleigh, our April 2020 Volunteer of the Month!
Shannon was born in a very small area of Connecticut, known as…(Read More)

Meet our 🐾PETS OF THE WEEK🐾 (posted:3/18/20)

First up is Rascal! Rascal is a 4 year old American Staffordshire. Rascal loves to play ball and do the agility course. Rascal is a great dog, but he can clear a 6 foot fence!💕

Then we have Anna! Anna is a lovable 5 month old domestic shorthair. Anna loves to be held and will sleep on your lap all day long if you let her! Anna is a very sweet and playful kitten.❤️

Next up is Bunny! Bunny is an 8 year old domestic shorthair kitty and is declawed. Bunny loves to be petted. Bunny likes to play with her toys and is very sweet!❤️🐈

Last but not least is Sherbert! Sherbert is a lovable 5 month old domestic shorthair. Sherbert loves to be held and petted. Sherbert loves to play with his toys and he’s a very active kitten with tons of energy!🐾

➡️If you are interested in meeting our *PETS OF THE WEEK* or any of the available pets at YOUR Humane Society SPCA, COME ON BY, or you can view them on our website at:

Visiting hours at YOUR Humane Society SPCA are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM. We are located at 994 C.R. 529A in Lake Panasoffkee, Florida. For more information email us at or call our office at (352)-793-9117

For The Love Of Animals Expo

YOUR Humane Society SPCA, host of the well-received 2019 For the Love of Animals Expo, has postponed the second annual Expo in 2020 to Saturday, October 24. Mark your calendars as it will return to the Wildwood Community Center at 6500 CR 139, from 9AM-3PM and will feature not only an array of regional animal rescues and shelters but also host many educational opportunities for animal lovers and pet owners. Civic groups, vendors, nonprofits of all service types, clubs for children and adults will also be part of the day’s festivities. Food, live entertainment, auctions and chance drawings will also be available to attendees. A “Be Kind to Animals” contest for children will soon be promoted and the winners will be announced at the Expo, October 24th. Sponsorship and vendor spaces are still available. For more information contact Claudia Labbé, Fundraising/PR Chairperson, at 352-793-9117 or

“The Expo, originally scheduled for January 18, encountered unexpected circumstances which caused the rescheduling and location changes. We hope the change has not inconvenienced anyone but our goal was to present the best animal themed expo possible in our region. We look forward to another great turnout of participating non-profits, sponsors and attendees as our inaugural Expo had,” commented Claudia Labbé. The For the Love of Animals Expo not only serves as a fundraiser for YOUR Humane Society SPCA but also helps the many other participating non-profits and animal organizations place adoptable animals. The general public can gain information on the many other worthy businesses and agencies who help their communities.


Kuranda Shelter Beds

Our shelter’s dogs have been fortunate to enjoy comfortable rest atop the many donated Kuranda beds we received years ago. They lasted quite a while but now it is time to replace some and have some spare covers handy. The blue ones go in our adoption floor kennels and the burgundy ones are for our quarantine kennels. Thanks to the generosity of Kuranda, for every bed that is donated, they are also donating a snuggly fleece cover!🐾🐾

➡️Please help with a donation so we can provide our dogs with replacement Kuranda beds and covers at:

Thank you all for YOUR continued support!❤️

YHSSPCA High School Volunteer Hours Sign 2020


If you need YOUR 100 hours of community service to graduate and want to make a difference helping SAVE LIVES of local animals, give us a call at 352-793-9117 or email us at❤️🐾🐾

➡️If you would like more info on volunteering, visit us HERE:

Long Time Shelter Residents

Still awaiting their Fur-Ever Happy Homes!


400 days at the Shelter (as of 8/1) Female, American Staffordshire Terrier mix.  She’s 2 1/2 years old.

She loves tons of attention. Ruth is longing to be the only pet in a home if you can give her that, then you can give her a miracle.

The American Staff Terrier breed’s temperament is: Tenacious, Loyal, Devoted, Friendly, Attentive, Courageous

Only $25

Adoption Fee


595 days at the Shelter (as of 11/20) Female, Domestic/Shorthair mix.  She’s 6 years, 7 months old.

She loves tons of attention, but can be a very bi-polar cat (lol).

She doesn’t like other cats and she loves to be brushed.
She also likes to give little love bites when you pet her passed her head. Head scratches are her favorite!
Only $25

Adoption Fee


393 days at the Shelter (as of 8/1) Lacey is one of our tri-pods and she is a Terrier, American Staffordshire/Mix. She is 3 years 9 months old. 

Lacey is a very sweet girl , When she was found her leg had been broken and never healed properly so the HS had to have her leg removed. She does not get along with other dogs. Knows all commands sit, stay & come.

Only $25

Adoption Fee

Stop by TODAY & meet some of our residents

You’re always invited to visit our 5 acre no-kill shelter in Lake Panasoffkee, FL.
Hours of Operation for Services:
Office: Mon. – Fri. 8:00am–3:30pm
Saturday: 8:00am–3:00pm
Kennels (Pet Viewing): Mon. – Sat. 9:00am – 3:00pm
  • “Kibbles” (Free Pet Food Pantry) Pre-approved qualifying Sumter residents can pick up on: Sat. 10:00am – 2:00pm
  • “The Big Fix” Spay/Neuter Voucher program for qualifying Sumter residents’ dogs & cats.
  • Two reduced-fee Pet Adoption programs: “Military Discount Program” $25 reduced adoption fee for military/veterans and “Seniors for Seniors” $25 reduced adoption fee for seniors adopting any senior pet 7 years or older.
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