About Us

2019 marked our 37th year anniversary with a long and proud history of dedicated service to our Sumter County FL community.

Founded in 1982, our non-profit charitable organization operates solely with contributions from individuals, businesses and foundations.

Our Mission

The mission of YOUR Humane Society SPCA is to protect animals. The mission is carried out through direct care for animals that are injured, abused, unwanted, or abandoned, securing homes for as many as possible; and through community assistance programs including spay/neuter services and pet food distribution as well as providing humane education and pet safety information to our community in order to reduce pet overpopulation and improve the quality of life for animals. 

Board of Directors

Celine Petrie

Chairman/Acting Director

  • Chairman@hsspca.org

Jane Mouradjian

Vice Chairman Volunteer Coordinator

  • Volunteering@hsspca.org

Hope Wilson


  • HopeW@hsspca.org

Cassie Dougherty


  • CassieD@hsspca.org

Claudia Labbé

PR and Fundraising  Chairman

  • Fundraising@hsspca.org

Gil Korta

Building Committee Chairman

  • GilK@hsspca.org

Our Staff & volunteers

Thor (1)

Heather Irwin

Adoption Manager

  • AdoptionManager@hsspca.org

Lily McNeal

Kennel Supervisor

Michael Erhard

Business Manager

Brittany Cunitz

Kennel Tech

Samantha Wild

Kennel Tech

Abigail Wild

Kennel Tech


Kennel Tech


Kennel Tech

Gloria Litman

Volunteer Adoption Outreach Coordinator

Jeff Roels

Volunteer Facilities Manager

Walter Gray

Social Media/Webmaster

  • SocialMedia@hsspca.org
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