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On average, it would cost you $200-$300 to provide the level of investment we put into each adoptable animal. Every animal adopted from us has been spayed or neutered, permanently identified with a microchip, fully vaccinated and treated for fleas.
Adoption Fees
(revised 1/3/19)



  • $125 – under 1 year old; A second puppy is $75

  • $50 – Black Puppy


  • $100 – 1-6 years old; A second dog is $75

  • $50 – Black Dog

  • $50 – American Staffordshire Terrier

  • $75 – Lonely Hearts Club (dogs aged 7-10 years old OR who have been at the shelter for 3 months or more). A second Lonely Hearts Club dog is $65

  • $50 – Senior (older than 10 years). A second Senior is $25

  • $50 – Special Needs

  • $225 – Purebred

This discount program is available to residents of Sumter County and surrounding areas.


These prices apply to felines located at the HS/SPCA and our Petco & PetSmart off-site locations.


  • $75 – under 1 year old; A second kitten is $50

  • $30 – Black Kitten


  • $50 – 1-6 years old; A second cat is $35

  • $30 – Black Cat
  • $40 – Lonely Hearts Club (cats aged 7-10 years or who have been at the shelter for 3 months or more). A second Lonely Hearts Club cat is $30
  • $25 – Senior (older than 10 years). A second Senior is $20

  • $125 – Purebred


Why Consider an Older Pet?
  • A general Physical Exam

  • Up-to-date Vaccinations

  • Deworming

  • Spay/Neuter Surgery

  • Microchipped (will help reunite you with your pet should it be lost by scanning the chip)

  • Flea/tick treatment (if needed)

  • County License (Sumter Co. only)

Adoption Process

1. Adopters must be 21 years or older.

2. Meet our adoptable pets.

You can browse our adoptable Cats or Dogs or come out to the Humane Society in Lake Pannasofkee.

If you’re looking for a cat or kitten, you can also visit the Lady Lake Petco Store (on US441, corner of Rolling Acres) or PetSmart on CR466 in The Villages, where we showcase some of our cats.

For pets listed online, you may call the Humane Society directly for more information.

3. Complete the on-line Dog or Cat Adoption Application form.

You can preview of the application to review the questions you’ll need to answer:

Dog Appl Preview

Cat Appl Preview

4. Approval of Application.

Once you have submitted your application, whether online, or given it to a Humane Society Adoption Coordinator, allow a few days for processing. The Adoption Counselor will follow-up with your references/and or veterinary.

Some one from the Humane Society will call you to let you know if you’ve been approved, or they may have additional questions to ask you. Or you may want to set up a meet & greet with your potential adoptable pet and existing pet.

Once you’ve been approved, work with the Adoption Counselor to set up a day/time for the adoption. Our trained adoption counselors will meet with you to ensure the pet is a good fit for your home, family and lifestyle. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have. Then, you can spend time with the animal or animals you are interested in.

5. Meet with the Adoption Counselor to review and sign the paperwork to become the new Pet Owner.

What to bring with you:

* Driver’s license (or State of FL ID card) with current address.

* Payment types accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, AMEX, MasterCard or Discover.

* A pet carrier for all cats/kittens and puppies/small dogs.

Please allow an hour or more for this process.

6. Once the adoption process is completed, the dog or cat who is already spayed or neutered will go home

with you the same day. Otherwise, arrangements will be made to have the pet sterilized at our vet of


Return Policy

We do our very best to place only healthy sound animals for adoption. Animals that have come in from the streets and with unknown backgrounds can become ill as their immune system is not 100%. Please remember most puppies/kittens need to be observed for any sign of loss of appetite, loose or discoloring in stool or any change in behavior.
If your new pet becomes ill, you have the option of returning the pet to us or having the pet treated at your expense by your veterinarian.
If you choose to return the pet, you must return the animal to Humane Society/SPCA of Sumter County.
A refund will be given no later than the 7th day of the final adoption, however, no refund will be granted after the 7th day. If you return a pet for any reason you will be required to sign all necessary release forms relinquishing all rights of the pet back to Humane Society/SPCA of Sumter County Inc.

You won’t change the world by saving one animal.
But you will change that animal’s world!