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Catty Shack

Our “Catty Shack”

This article was previously published in our April 2016 Cool News & Animal Views newsletter.

Supporters of ours know we are always striving to serve more animals in need in our community. In 2016, we were given an incredible gift of allowing our quarantined dogs and cats to have separate intake areas upon arrival at the HS/SPCA thanks to the generosity of and

This special project also had its own significance as it marked Rescue Rebuild’s and Greater Good’s 100th Rebuild project. It all began from a $15,000 grant request we submitted to, an international nonprofit working to protect people, pets and the planet. Yet, to mark the 100th Rebuild, added touches had the contribution reach over $30,000 in value including a gift of 5000 lbs. of cat litter too!

Rescue Rebuild is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteer students who donate their time, skills and compassion towards the refurbishing of smaller shelters, with the goal to become the equivalent of Habitat for Humanity for animals. These students, at their own expense, commit to chosen projects for approximately two weeks of their holiday breaks, all in order to help save lives of the too many homeless animals across our country. They simply do it to make the world a better place one shelter/one community at a time. They definitely made ours better! If you haven’t yet seen it for yourself, come on over!


  • Summer 2017 – we replaced the carpet-covered dirt floor on the porch with painted concrete for improved cleanliness.

  • Fall 2016 – we added hot and cold running water which makes cleaning much easier!

Resident cats enjoying the screened in porch.

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