YOUR Humane Society SPCA just received exciting news from Sabal Trust Company that they will generously provide a $5000 donation if we can raise and match that by the end of December! This will have DOUBLE the lifesaving impact for our Hope Fund animals who are critically in need of urgent medical care such as two puppies, Alex and Annie, who recently needed emergency care.

The HOPE Fund was created to assist abused and neglected animals in emergencies or with critical care needs. It is named in honor of a newborn kitten, which was witnessed being thrown from a moving vehicle and saved by caring Sumter residents.

Our HOPE Fund is for animals we acquire who have serious illness or injury where their medical costs are substantial, beyond routine veterinary needs.  Any funds exceeding a specific animal’s needs will be applied for future animals in such need.

Your help is so valued as our HSSPCA can only operate thanks to the support of our community. Donations permit us to continue such necessary work, restoring animals in need to health and placing them in their forever homes.