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job openings

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YOUR Humane Society SPCA

Seeking Shelter Manager

Job Description

The Shelter Manager oversees the daily operations and manages all aspects of the animal shelter, including the animal population, staff, and all outside relationships. This position will also periodically review and assess policies, processes, programs, and work within the organization to make needed changes that meet the needs of the animals and the community. The Shelter Manager will maintain a safe, healthy environment for animals, staff and the public and create a team environment dedicated to the success of YOUR Humane Society SPCA Animal Shelter.

For a full job description and information on how to apply, please go to our hiring partner website

YOUR Humane Society SPCA

Seeking Fundraising Coordinator

Job Description

YOUR Humane Society SPCA is currently seeking a part-time Fundraising Coordinator to help oversee our donor relations program and coordinate our fundraising initiatives under the direction of our Fundraising Chairperson. The Fundraising Coordinator will be responsible for monitoring our vital revenue streams, which allow us to achieve our mission and maximize our impact in the community. The successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing our nonprofit’s fundraising campaigns and activities and communicating with current and prospective donors. This part-time position involves acknowledging individual and corporate gifts, monitoring planned and annual giving campaigns and processing special event registrations, event and individual sponsorships and donations. If you have a strong background in nonprofit fundraising and development, we encourage you to apply. This position will be mostly during weekdays, some evenings and occasional Saturdays for special events.

Job Responsibilities

General Qualifications/Personal Attributes

Minimum Requirements/Physical Requirements

*Fundraising Coordinator duties are not limited to the above and other duties may be assigned as needed by the Fundraising Chairman and/or Shelter Manager.

YHSSPCA is an equal opportunity employer that considers all applications without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation or preference, religion, marital status, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. Non-smokers preferred.
To apply for this job, go to our website and email a resume to

YOUR Humane Society SPCA

Seeking Animal Caregiver

Job Description

This position is responsible for daily care of shelter animals. Responsibilities include feeding, cleaning, medical care (as directed by Animal Care Manager), and record keeping.  Work with potential adopters by showing dogs and cats to them and providing the animal’s age, breed, and personality traits to help them find the best match.  This position is primarily working with dogs and cats but is not limited to other species as needed. 

Job Responsibilities

General Qualifications/Personal Attributes:

 Minimum Requirements/Physical Requirements:

Animal Caregiver duties are not limited to the above and other duties may be assigned as needed by the Animal Care Manager or Executive Director. 

To apply, please e-mail your resume to the Executive Director – 

**Non-smokers preferred**

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