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Lost & Found

Lost & Found

You can report a lost or found pet to YOUR Humane Society SPCA either by submitting this online Lost or Found Pet form or calling us at 352-793-9117.

It’s easier for us to post the lost/found pet if you submit the online form as it has the specific information we can put in the post (i.e. owner’s contact information, where animal was last seen or found, date last seen or found, etc.) If you have a picture, you can also upload it from the form which can be very helpful in reuniting a pet with it’s owner.

Help us keep our postings current and please contact us to remove your posting if you’re reunited with your lost pet. Postings will expire and be deleted after 30 days.

If you live in or near The Villages, you can call The Villages radio station AM640 WVLG at (352)750-9854 or (352)259-6400. Most pets are located or reunited with their owners within hours of being mentioned on the station.

Intake of Animals

Intake of animals at HSSPCA is at the Kennel Manager’s discretion and always subject to available space. Animals that have been previously adopted from HSSPCA can always be returned to us. When we do not have space, the public can take animals to Sumter County Animal Services. We make every effort to get every animal we can out of Animal Services to placement in a home or with another no-kill rescue organization.



Found/Injured Wildlife

When encountering wildlife, please contact FWC (Florida Wildlife Conservation) at 352-732-1225 and tell them what county/city your wildlife is in for the nearest volunteer who can assess your animal’s situation directly to determine what will be the best response for injured, orphaned or sick wild animals. Or search by region for licensed rehabilitators and transporters nearest to you at:

When finding a baby animal it is generally best to leave it alone and observe it for a bit if possible. Often the animal is not orphaned, and the parent may be out getting food for them, or watching the baby from a distance. Never pick up baby animals and remove them from their natural environment until you have explained the situation with a rehabilitator or transporter. Please DO NOT feed or offer water to any animal you find unless directed to do so by an FWC permitted rehabilitator as this will potentially cause further health issues such as delaying medical intervention, digestive complications and aspiration pneumonia.


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Along with our Lost & Found page, using local social media pages and contacting Sumter County Animal Services, please utilize these two helpful resources to reunite lost or found pets:
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