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Call us to see if any FREE vouchers are still available!

FREE Spay and Neutering Vouchers for qualifying Sumter County Residents

This community assistance program is a vital necessity in reducing the pet over-population problem facing Sumter County animals who are then at risk for potential euthanasia. Funding goes quickly and unwanted litters appear even quicker, so apply now and help reduce the pet overpopulation problem within Sumter County by contacting our shelter at (352)793-9117.

This FREE program is available to Sumter County residents who are on Government Assistance (i.e. Welfare Food stamps, Disability or Medicaid).

“Kibbles” Pet Food Pantry Program

This program is dishing out over 4,000 lbs of dog and cat food each month to neutered pets of qualifying low income residents within Sumter County. More than 215 animals are served up a daily meal so that owners facing financial hardship are not forced to surrender their furry family members due to a lack of food.

Approved participants can pick up food monthly, at the Humane Society, on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Questions about this program? Call the our shelter at (352) 793-9117 and ask for the Shelter Manager.

If you meet the criteria listed below, you can apply for the program.

To Apply: Click this icon to open the Kibbles Application and print it from your browser. Complete it and take it ,along with your required documents, to the Humane Society.
If you don’t have access to a printer, the Humane Society has copies of the application.
Kibbles Application

Adoption Discount Program

This discount program is available to residents of Sumter County and surrounding areas.

The HOPE Fund was created to assist abused and neglected animals in emergencies or with critical care needs. It is named in honor of a this newborn kitten which was witnessed being thrown from a moving vehicle and saved by caring Sumter residents.

Our HOPE Fund is for animals we acquire who have serious illness or injury where their medical costs are substantial, beyond routine veterinary needs. Any funds exceeding a specific animal’s needs will be applied for future animals in such need.

Your help is so valued as our HS/SPCA can only operate thanks to the support of our community. Donations permit us to continue such necessary work, restoring animals in need to health and placing them in their forever homes.

The Hope Fund

Hope (2009)

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