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Report Animal Cruelty

Report Animal Cruelty

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Trying to end animal cruelty is a constant battle for any animal rescue. Unfortunately, Sumter County is no exception.

Coleman, FL – This dog was one of six found who barely survived, thanks to an anonymous tipster.

Tarrytown, FL – One of many boxers left to starvation and severe neglect by a convicted animal abuser.

Webster, FL – Apple, a Thoroughbred horse, found nearly 500 lbs. underweight due to neglect.

Help from YOU, the community, is critical in helping save innocent animals from needless pain and suffering.

You need to:

What is Animal Cruelty?

We suggest that you visit to review the FL State Statutes, mainly Chapter 828. We encounter many forms of animal cruelty:

Definition of Backyard Breeders

– Individuals who breed domestic animals in more manageable numbers but who breed animals without selection for important genetic traits

– Those who allow animals, particularly dogs, cats or horses, to reproduce regardless of physical or genetic health, as opposed to reputable

breeders who intentionally screen and select their brood for important characteristics to improve breed quality.

NOTE: Reputable breeders also have secured prospective homes before any animals are born and are willing to accept any returned animal they bred. Any non-qualitative animal for breeding purposes would automatically be neutered or removed from the breeding program.

Report Animal Cruelty to the Sumter County Animal Services


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